mmmyum's testbox server player instructions

installs: rMod, yum_skins, yum_zedUndead

download: JUST THE ADDONS --OR-- ADDONS AND DAYZ (current server dayz version, required)

instructions: - copy @folders to your OA directory (next to your @dayz folder, etc) @rmod, @yum_skins, @yum_zedUndead

- change your launch parameters to include new mods:
_________eg: right click on game > Properties > Set launch parameters > "-mod=@rMod;@yum_skins;@yum_zedUndead -nosplash" - Steam

_________Settings > Additional Launch Parameters > "-mod=@dayz;@rMod;@yum_skins;@yum_zedUndead -nosplash" - DayZCommander

launch game: filter for mmmyum or go to server IP

password is theseguys

TS3: //please do not join dev channels, but feel free to poke me.